Harold Reddicliffe: Paintings From Three Decades

November 18, 2010 – January 16, 2010

Harold Reddicliffe: Paintings from Three Decades explores the body of work created by the realist painter and Boston University faculty member Harold Reddicliffe.

Harold Reddicliffe has been painting professionally since 1974 after receiving degrees from Williams College and the Maryland Institute College of Art. He has holds the post of Associate Professor of Painting at Boston University where he has taught drawing and painting since 1987. Still-life has been Reddicliffe’s principal subject throughout his professional career, focusing on traditional domestic objects and illustrating the beauty of industrial design.

Paintings from Three Decades features approximately 85 works over the past 30 years of the artist’s life. Reddicliffe’s rich, realistic still life paintings focus cameras, projectors, gloves, and other traditional domestic objects. The nearly photographic appearance of the paintings is captured through pure observation of the eye and the deftness of hand. The subjects of Reddicliffe’s paintings become endowed with a poetic significance that is often overlooked.

“My recent paintings explore the transformation that occurs when ordinary objects are subjected to extraordinary scrutiny,” says Reddicliffe. When removed from their usual context, the objects in his paintings provoke new associations and possible narratives of newly ennobled everyday items.

The 48-paged catalogue for Reddicliffe features 24 color plates of the artist’s work.

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