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In addition to supporting BU students, research, and programs, gifts to the University help you too. From proving your worth to potential employers to standing out in a crowd, a degree from a well-regarded university can open a lot of doors. Rankings take into account the number of alumni who give—regardless of how much.

The more alumni who support the University, the higher its future ranking will be, and the stronger your alma mater’s reputation will become. Learn what it means to support BU and find out who’s giving.

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Donors help to fuel BU’s advances and the education of a new generation. A contribution can mean financial aid for one student or access to vital technology for another.

To make an online gift to BU, choose Give Online from the menu on the right. Your gift will support students’ education and BU’s advances across disciplines. To make a gift to one of BU’s varsity or club sports teams, choose Support Athletics. Thank you for your support!