• SMG SM 222: Modeling Business Decisions and Market Outcomes
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS EC 101 and SMG SM 221; and sophomore standing.
    Sophomore requirement. Examines the use of economic and statistical tools for making business decisions. Topics include optimization (including linear programing), multiple regression, demand modeling, cost modeling, industry analysis (including models of perfect competition, monopoly, and oligopoly), and game theory. The course emphasizes modeling with spreadsheets.
  • SMG SM 321: Analytics
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: SMG FE101; SMG AC222; SMG OB221; SMG SM151; SMG SM222
    SMG SM 321: Analytics Component of SMG SM 323, The Cross Functional Core. This course will improve students' ability to structure and think about complex business problems. Students will gain hands-on experience with spreadsheet modeling in Excel and will develop a toolkit of quantitative skills that will help them make informed decisions in an uncertain world. Students will learn how to build models for decision-making, how these models are used to identify the best choice from a range of options, and how the best choice may change in response to changes in the model's parameters. The course will also provide an introduction to simulation analysis and the measurement and management of risk. The course will cover several applications relevant to aspects of the Cross-Functional Core project. 4 cr.
  • SMG SM 333: Business Plan
    Taken as part of the Cross-Functional Core. Pass/Fail. 1 cr.