Executive Skills

  • QST ES 090: Ascend Seminar
    The Ascend Seminar is designed to engage Questrom Ascend students in their own career exploration and development through company/industry exposure as well as timely professional development, leadership, and topics related to student success. Using the core values of a Questrom School of Business education as a foundation, the course will focus on preparing for a meaningful career and life, as well as building a professional network and community of Questrom students, faculty, staff, alumni, and corporate partners. This course is open only to those students who formally participate in the Questrom Ascend Fellowship.
  • QST ES 710: Teaming
    This course introduces the challenges of leading and participating in teams and project groups. It emphasizes the roles of team members and leaders, how to motivate within a team environment, and how to create an environment in which teams and their embers increase their capabilities. This course also provides support for students as they work on program projects and helps students to gain both knowledge of team dynamics and the skills to shape them.
  • QST ES 735: Team Coaching
    The ability to work with and develop teams is considered one of the most essential skill sets for the 21st century workplace. This course focuses the role of coaching on both an individual and team level in order to develop the skills needed to work effectively in teams. Course activities and learning objectives are integrated and aligned with other academic courses to deepen and enrich the MBA student learning experience by developing their abilities to coach each other in collaborative environments.
  • QST HF 999: Humphrey Seminr