Online MBA Courses

  • QST MX 700: Online MBA Launch
    During this module, students are introduced to the various learning platforms of the program, meet their peers, and learn about important university and Questrom policies and resources. In addition, students receive tips and best practices for learning success in an online learning environment.
  • QST MX 710: Creating Value for Business and Society
    This module discusses the role of the manager in business and society. Topics include the economic foundations of business, the impact of digital transformation and information, the power of the consumer in co-creation as well as other global business forces on how managers both capture and create value for society.
  • QST MX 720: Managing Performance with Data
    Students learn the role data plays in managing the performance of the organization. Topics include: analyzing financial statements and accounting metrics, financial analysis for business planning, using statistics to drive business decisions, and metrics for financial, marketing, and operational performance.
  • QST MX 730: Leading with Integrity
    This module discusses the role of human capital in the organization, as well as key principles of leadership and ethical decision-making. Topics include: developing a global and diverse work-force, leading through change, managing conflict, power, and politics, and leveraging high-performance teams.
  • QST MX 740: Managing Risk
    Graduate Prerequisites: QST MX710, QST MX720, and QST MX730
    Identifying and managing risk is critical to effectively leading in today's business environment. Topics include: assessing environmental, social, regulatory, financial, operational and brand risk; and then developing processes for measuring, monitoring and when possible managing those risks.
  • QST MX 750: Leveraging Global Opportunities
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: QST MX 710 or QST MX 720 or QST MX 730.
    Graduate Prerequisites: QST MX710 or QST MX720 or QST MX730
    The world of business is changing at a rate faster than ever in history requiring leaders to identify and implement strategies for differentiation. Topics include: developing competitive strategies, managing the marketing mix for target segments, optimizing the global value chain, and analyzing global markets and trade systems.
  • QST MX 760: Fostering an Innovative Mindset
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: QST MX 710 or QST MX 720 or QST MX 730.
    Graduate Prerequisites: QST MX710 or QST MX720 or QST MX730
    Leaders in today's organizations must work to understand and identify creative solutions to leverage known and unknown opportunities. Topics include: applying principles of design-thinking, managing the innovation portfolio, analyzing growth opportunities, and driving corporate and entrepreneurial innovation.