Management Core

  • QST MG 730: Ethical Leadership in the Global Economy
    The purpose of this course is to explore ethical issues throughout our global economy in a pragmatic, responsible, and decisive manner in order to prepare you to resolve these issues when faced with them in your personal and professional lives. This course will bridge the gap between an individual's personal moral values and the challenges presented by corporate activity in a marketplace -- be it local or global. Our work in this course will raise your awareness of the interrelated legal, moral, and ethical challenges inherent in business. We will critically examine the ethical implications of business decisions and equip you with frameworks and strategies for managing your own and others' behavior. We will formulate a process to evaluate complex leadership decisions and enhance your own ability to effectively navigate multi-faceted decision-making scenarios.
  • QST MG 737: Capstone Project
    Questrom's action learning capstone course develops students' ability to apply integrated management perspectives and practices to live business challenges and opportunities. A foundational part of Questrom's Full Time MBA Curriculum, this capstone course provides first year students with the opportunity to work with Host Partners on marketing, operations and/or strategy projects. Student teams have the opportunity to conduct short meetings with host organizations every-other week. Under the guidance and direction of Action Learning Instructors, each team defines a project goal and the research questions to be investigated, conducts research and depth interviews, and develops a set of deliverables or recommendations. This course will include projects serving a wide range of organizations, from long-established companies to emergent startups and founders, from government agencies to university initiatives and non-profits. While the different projects will vary, the goal across all projects is the same: for students to deliver concrete and actionable recommendations for organization partners, while effectively setting and managing their client's expectations, working collaboratively as a team, and acting as principled and ethical leaders.
  • QST SM 101: Intro Business
    This course description is currently under construction.
  • QST SM 131: Business, Ethics, and the Creation of Value
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: Required of all Questrom 1st-semester freshmen. Open to non-Questrom students who have completed a semester of FT work at BU.
    This course explores local and global ethical problems that managers face in markets for goods, services, labor, or capital. Through identification and discussion of the basic business disciplines, students uncover the interdependencies in the creation, delivery and capture of value. Students explore the complex analyses necessary to make ethical decisions vis-?-vis a multiplicity of stakeholders and in service of diverse personal and institutional goals. Stresses written and oral communication skills and logical reasoning as an ingredient for sound analysis and rational business planning. Effective Fall 2018, this course fulfills a single unit in the following BU Hub area: Ethical Reasoning.
    • Ethical Reasoning
  • QST SM 132: Measuring Financial Value
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: SM131 previous or concurrent. CAS MA121/123. Open to non-Questrom students who have completed a semester of FT work at BU.
    This course offers an overview of fundamental financial analyses, such as time value of money, interest rates, basic valuation of cash flow streams, and basic stock and bond valuation. The content is relevant to understand a broad class of problems and decisions for businesses or individuals. It offers applications across decision domains. The teaching materials include online problem solving and case writing. Students may not take SM132 and FE101 for credit.
  • QST SM 303: Cross-Functional Core
    Cross-Functional Core is made up of FE323, MK323, OM323 and QM323 as well as a semester-long business plan project. The semester-long business plan project where students collect primary and secondary research explores the interactions and the cross functional integrations between marketing, operations, and finance, while leveraging business analytics. Effective Fall 2019, this course fulfills a single unit in each of the following BU Hub areas: Digital/Multimedia Expression, Research and Information Literacy, Teamwork/Collaboration, Creativity/Innovation.
    • Digital/Multimedia Expression
    • Research and Information Literacy
    • Teamwork/Collaboration
    • Creativity/Innovation