Academic and Student Resources

Student Services

The development, welfare, and success of students are the primary concerns of the school, its faculty, and its staff. Advisors are available to provide services that assist students with personal, educational, and career decision–making needs.

Undergraduate Development Center (UDC)

The Questrom Undergraduate Development Center (UDC) serves as a supportive environment for more than 2,300 undergraduate students during every stage of their academic career at Questrom School of Business. The UDC employs a holistic approach to students’ intellectual and professional development.

Academic Advisors assist students as they make the transition into the college classroom, support and advise them in their cocurricular activities, and help them chart a path toward their successful graduation. Academic Advisors work in partnership with professional Career Advisors in the Questrom Feld Center for Career & Alumni Engagement, who assist with career exploration and assessment, résumé and cover letter development, targeted search plan creation, interviewing skills, and networking strategies.

The UDC works to foster leadership within the undergraduate student body by providing opportunities for students to excel both inside and outside the classroom. Recognition events are held each year to acknowledge the individual and collective success of Questrom students.

We understand that students’ needs vary and that individual questions require personalized answers. Our advisors specialize in providing students with one-on-one guidance on the many details that create a successful undergraduate experience.

Academic advisors assist students in the following areas:

  • Course requirements
  • Academic performance concerns
  • Degree program planning
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • Course selection and schedules
  • Referrals to other University services
  • Referrals to on-campus tutoring services
  • Adjustment issues

Questrom School of Business
Undergraduate Development Center
Rafik B. Hariri Building
595 Commonwealth Avenue, Suite 102
Boston, MA 02215


Specialty Master’s & PhD Center

The Specialty Master’s & PhD Center is the hub of graduate specialty master’s and PhD programs, including the MSBA, MSMFT, MSMS, PhD in Business Administration, and PhD in Mathematical Finance.

The Specialty Master’s & PhD Center team is dedicated to enhancing the experience as well as professional and personal development of our graduate students through academic advising, career coaching, career development, and community-building events.

Questrom School of Business
Rafik B. Hariri Building
595 Commonwealth Avenue, Suite 402
Boston, MA 02215


MBA Center

The MBA Center is the core student services office for Full-Time and Professional Evening MBA program students.

The MBA Center team serves as the first point of support regarding academic advising, career coaching, career development, and community-building events, including MBA clubs and organizations.

Student Advising

Questrom is committed to providing academic advising to all Questrom graduate students to help them complete degree requirements successfully and achieve the maximum benefit from their educational opportunities. Academic Advisors (including the Assistant Directors, Associate Director, and Assistant Dean) are available in the MBA Center to discuss course selection, decisions about concentrations, completion of degree requirements, adjustment and personal challenges, and available resources/services.

Questrom School of Business
Rafik B. Hariri Building
595 Commonwealth Avenue, 4th floor
Boston, MA 02215


Faculty and Administration Office Hours

Questrom School of Business faculty members pride themselves on being available to advise students on coursework pertaining to concentrations, career opportunities, and appropriate academic preparation in their field of interest. In addition, the Dean of Questrom School of Business, Associate Dean for Student Experience and Services, the Assistant Dean for the Undergraduate Program, and the Assistant Dean for the Graduate Programs are available for student appointments on any matter.

Faculty Concentration Advising and Mentorship Program

The faculty at Questrom play a critical role in the development of our students outside the classroom. This support manifests in two key ways: Faculty Concentration Advisors and faculty mentorship. Faculty Concentration Advisors work with students to provide insights into the many options available to students within a given concentration. They help by:

  • Providing guidance in potential career paths available within the concentration
  • Offering advice on courses to take within the concentration that align with career goals
  • Enhancing and fostering a vibrant student community of concentrators, including workshops, events, and networking opportunities

Faculty Concentration Advisors provide advising in their particular area of expertise, or, in most cases, within a concentration. They are not expected to provide comprehensive academic advising, such as course selection outside the concentration, personal counseling, or in-depth career counseling.

Faculty mentorship is an informal function of the faculty but one the Questrom faculty welcomes. It allows students to connect with a number of faculty members during their time at Questrom, providing an opportunity for students to:

  • Establish professional and mentoring relationships
  • Get advice regarding concentration selection
  • Identify research interests and possible research teamwork
  • Learn more about the functional areas of business
  • Identify informational interview contacts
  • Secure references for internships, jobs, or graduate school
  • Expand the network of professionals

Faculty mentors can be any member of the Questrom faculty, and we recommend that students build a rapport with several faculty members during their course of study. In order to help them meet instructors, we recommend the following designated faculty members and guidelines:

  • First-semester freshmen: SM 131 professor
  • First-semester external transfers: SM 131 or SM 132 professor
  • Second-semester freshmen: SM 131 professor from the previous semester or current SM 132 professor
  • Sophomores: SM 131 or SM 132 from last year OR any of the professors encountered in the sophomore year courses (AC 221, QM 221, LA 245, MO 221, AC 222, BA 222, QM 222, IS 223, SM 275)
  • Second-semester sophomores or first-semester juniors: Any previous Questrom faculty advisor or any professor on one’s Core teaching team
  • Second-semester juniors: Concentration faculty advisor or any combination of the previous semesters’ faculty advisors
  • Seniors: Any faculty advisor or concentration faculty advisor from previous years


There are a number of tutoring options available to students. Those who are having trouble in courses should make an appointment with the relevant course instructor to get a sense of problematic areas. Students may also meet with their course teaching assistant (TA) for additional help. For undergraduates, the LOCK Honorary Service Society offers free open tutoring hours in Questrom (held twice weekly; see the UDC for dates and times). For ongoing or one-shot individual or group tutoring, contact the Educational Resource Center (ERC). ERC tutors are available free of charge for freshman- and sophomore-level courses. Students can fill out a tutor request on the ERC website. Writing tutors are also available for WR courses at the Writing Center, 100 Bay State Road, by scheduling an appointment online. The MBA Center and Specialty Master’s & PhD Center host an online database for tutors, where you can search and find a second-year student or alum to contact for tutoring. The MBA Center and Specialty Master’s & PhD Center also offer writing assistance, through office hours held by PhD students, that can help with résumés, cover letters, papers, etc.

Feld Center for Career & Alumni Engagement

Questrom School of Business’ Feld Center for Career & Alumni Engagement (Feld Center) connects students to the world of work. The Feld Center’s Industry Relations Managers (IRM) work to engage employers in the recruiting process through the posting of internship and job opportunities, on-campus interviewing, and career exploration. Students may be referred to an IRM if deemed appropriate upon completing their targeted search plan with their career advisor (undergraduate) or career coach (graduate). The Feld Center also offers events throughout the year to help students learn more about industries, hear about career opportunities, and network with employers and alumni.

The Feld Center has relationships with companies from most industries (finance, accounting, marketing, etc.) and posts more than 1,000 opportunities for Questrom students each year. Internships are highly encouraged for all Questrom School of Business students.

Career advisors assist students in the following areas:

  • Career exploration and assessment
  • Networking strategies
  • Interviewing skills
  • Critique and development of résumés and cover letters
  • Creation of a targeted search plan

Center for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Center for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is committed to providing the Questrom School of Business diversity education, identity-conscious programs, community-building initiatives, and equitable solutions across our undergraduate and graduate populations. Through a community-empowerment model, the center offers opportunities for students to grow their capacity to become change agents and champions of diversity, equity, and inclusion at Questrom.

myQuestrom is our stated commitment to strive for diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything we do. Here at Questrom, we are working together toward a shared goal: to make Questrom a place where we are all seen, valued, and appreciated. myQuestrom means all of us.

myQuestrom encourages the activation of future business leaders who acknowledge, seek to understand, celebrate, and champion differences, inside and outside the classroom. This centering of shared humanity allows our students to develop solutions to global problems, lead diverse teams, and communicate ideas with universal design.

To learn more about the Center for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, visit our website and contact us at

Frederick S. Pardee Management Library

The Frederick S. Pardee Management Library is located on the west end of the second and third floors of the Boston University Questrom School of Business (Rafik B. Hariri Building, 595 Commonwealth Avenue). The entrance to the library is on the third floor.

The Pardee Management Library provides information services and electronic and print resources in management and management-related fields, including accounting, finance, healthcare management, economics, human resources, and public/nonprofit management. The library’s resources are supplemented by the extensive research collection of the Boston University Libraries system.

Pardee Library offers Questrom students access to electronic databases including Investext, Bloomberg, Factiva, Mergent Online, Frost & Sullivan, and many others. The library also provides access to trade publications and general business and management publications through article databases such as ProQuest One Business, Business Source Complete, and others. The library provides career assistance through individual research consultations with students and through research guides that assist with creating target company lists, pre-interview research, and industry analysis.