Senior Lecturer in Chinese

Fall 2023 Office Hours: 11am-12pm Mondays, 10-11 Thursdays, 1:20-2:20 Friday, or by appointment.

Liling Huang has taught Chinese language classes at all levels and developed several content-based courses, online courses, blended courses, and a graduate-level pedagogy course at Boston University (BU). She serves as the First-Year Chinese course coordinator. Before joining BU, Liling Huang taught Chinese at the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University.  Nationally, she was awarded the ACTFL Research Priorities Grant (2023), ACTFL DL SIG/CALICO Online Teaching Award (2020) from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Distance Learning SIG and Computer-Assisted Language Instruction Consortium, the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program Award (2018) by Blackboard Inc., and the First Prize of Cengage Learning Award for Innovative Excellence in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (2017) by the Chinese Language Teachers’ Association in the USA. She is also the recipient of university wide grants including the Bridge Builder Fellowship (2022-2024), Blended Learning Challenge Fellowship (2018) at the Associate Provost of Digital Learning & Innovation, Course Redesign Grant (2017) at the Geddes Language Center, Online Course Development Grant (2017 and 2019) at BU Summer School.

Liling Huang specializes in intercultural communication education, virtual exchange, technology-enhanced language learning, online language education, instructional pragmatics, second language acquisition, and curriculum design. She has given international conference presentations, nation-wide teacher training workshops, and published book chapters and articles in these fields. She obtains Full Certification to conduct Oral Proficiency Interview certified by ACTFL. She also hosts a YouTube Educational Channel (Happy Chinese with Liling) and a self-paced learning website of Chinese Pragmatics (Practical Chinese). Currently, she is pursuing a Ph.D. degree at the University at Buffalo.


Courses taught:

LC111 OL   First Semester Chinese Online

LC112 OL   Second Semester Chinese Online

LC111        First Semester Chinese

LC 112       Second Semester Chinese

LC 123       First Year Chinese

LC 211       Third Semester Chinese

LC 311       Third Year Chinese 1

LC 313       Topic: Chinese through Intercultural Communication

LC 420       Topics in Chinese Media: Digital Chinese

LC511        Methods of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

HF282        Culture and Communication Travel Series: Hospitality in China

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Liling Huang’s CV