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Degree Type

  • Undergraduate

Minimum Requirements

  • 40 Credits


  • In-Person


  • Full-Time


  • On-Campus
Degree Requirements

All undergraduate students entering Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development enroll in the undergraduate major, the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Education & Human Development. This program combines coursework and field-based experiences in education, human development, psychology, and the social sciences, and opens doors to future opportunities such as undergraduate research, teacher licensure, and diverse careers.

As an undergraduate at BU Wheelock, you can:

  • Study complex real-world challenges such as systemic racism or global interconnectedness
  • Discover and understand your role in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Explore field-based experiences in settings such as schools, hospitals, and mental health agencies
  • Engage in research for community impact in a Boston-based health organization, neighborhood, museum, or other community organization
  • Create systemic, positive change through innovation and research
  • Obtain professional training and preparation across psychology, education, and human development


As a Boston University student majoring in the BS in Education & Human Development, you’ll take core and signature courses in years 1&2 and then choose one of five specializations for additional coursework and field-based experiences in years 3&4.

Child & Adolescent Mental Health

For those interested in careers that involve children, youths, and emerging adults. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of child and adolescent emotional and behavioral health, and will study mental health/illness, biological, psychological, and social factors that affect young people’s well-being, and professional ethics.

Deaf Studies

For those interested in working with Deaf people across a range of careers including education, interpreting, research, social work, medicine, law, and more. Through coursework and field-based experiences, you will engage with Deaf communities, develop an appreciation for Deaf culture, and gain an understanding of the histories of Deaf communities around the world. You’ll also build fluency in American Sign Language (ASL).

Educational Design for Transformative Futures

For undergraduate students who are interested in becoming creative, innovative educational designers who collaborate with communities, families, youths, and educators to transform education across a range of settings. You’ll learn to integrate critical theory, collaborate with others on design-centered research projects, and have access to community and field apprenticeships.

Teaching & Learning

For students who are interested in developing an understanding of the processes of teaching and learning with a focus on children and youths, the contexts where those processes occur, and the role that education can play in creating and supporting equity in society. Recommended for students interested in pursuing a teaching license in early childhood education, elementary education, or special education at the graduate level, as well as careers in humanities and STEM education in community-based educational settings.

Youth Development & Justice

For students who are passionate about work for and with young people through jobs in fields such as law, policy, politics, education, after-school time, recreation and sports. You will be prepared as a professional and a leader who has a firm grounding in adolescent development and is ready to work for and with youth in a wide range of settings.


Pathway to Licensure

Continue onto our graduate program by choosing one of our teacher preparation programs at the elementary or secondary level that leads to licensure.


Participate in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), explore student research opportunities, or engage with one of BU Wheelock’s research centers, institutes, and labs.


Boston University students can choose from 10 minors to complement their majors. Choosing a minor can allow students to gain knowledge and skills in a secondary area of interest.

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Background Checks
Students who are admitted into BU Wheelock routinely participate in field experiences as a part of their respective program curriculum and requirements. Most field sites require criminal background checks to determine students’ eligibility for participation. History of a criminal background may disqualify students from participating in these required experiences, which in turn may impede the successful completion of one’s degree program.