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Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) programs at Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development are one calendar-year graduate programs designed for liberal arts majors who want to continue their studies in an academic field and at the same time secure initial licensure to teach at the secondary level.

BU Wheelock welcomes students just finishing undergraduate studies or working professionals making a career change. MAT degree programs require students to possess an undergraduate degree or equivalent amount of coursework in the intended area of study. Students are not presumed to have completed coursework in education for admission to an MAT program at BU.

Program Outcomes

The Master of Arts in Teaching at BU Wheelock is a joint program with the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences that will prepare you to become a professional educator by developing competency in three areas:

  1. Coursework in your subject area at the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences;
  2. Education coursework in instructional design, adolescent development, classroom methods and evaluation, and more;
  3. Practical skills acquired through field experiences.

Our program leads to licensure as a middle or high school teacher in all states and in the District of Columbia through reciprocal licensure agreements. For Massachusetts licensure, you must pass the appropriate Massachusetts subject matter test to be eligible for licensure in that field. Requirements for other states will vary.

What Is a Master of Arts in Teaching?

A Master of Arts in Teaching is a graduate degree designed to give students a greater depth of understanding in a particular subject area to prepare them for work as middle or high school teachers. While MAT students must have an undergraduate degree or equivalent coursework experience, it is not necessary that students have a background in teaching. In fact, MAT students may secure their initial licensure to teach at the secondary level post-graduation. 

The focus of MAT programs is often on the development of practical skills and subject-area expertise. For example, BU’s MAT in Science Education prepares science educators through coursework and field-based experiences in biology, chemistry, general science, or physics. Education in these subjects equips MAT students with a strong knowledge base in science, while additional courses in teaching practice and methodology position them to become effective educators and leaders.

What Can You Do with an MAT Degree?

Many graduates of a Master of Arts in Teaching program will become middle or high school teachers, though the possibilities don’t stop there. Graduates can pursue careers as community college instructors, education consultants, instructional coordinators or designers, test developers, or school administrators.

Is a Master of Arts in Teaching Worth It?

An MAT degree is widely respected and, in terms of worth, highly valuable in the job market. A master’s degree in teaching is a signal to employers that you’ve worked hard to hone your skills in a subject and have gained invaluable expertise and experience that you’ll own throughout your career. 

An MAT degree can also help you attain a salary increase in your current position or a new one, as many large school districts operate with a salary scale based on education level. 

Advance Your Career with a Master of Arts in Teaching from Boston University

BU Wheelock offers many MAT degree programs, each one with a comprehensive subject-area curriculum and training to shape you into a confident, resourceful educational leader.

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