Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

178449211The Master of Arts in Teaching Program is a one-calendar-year program designed for liberal arts majors who want to continue their graduate studies in an academic field and at the same time secure initial licensure to teach at the secondary level. Wheelock welcomes students just finishing undergraduate studies or working professionals making a career change. The MAT program requires students to possess an undergraduate degree, or equivalent amount of coursework, in the intended area of study. The program does not presume students have completed coursework in education.

The MAT program is a joint program with the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences that will prepare you to become a professional educator by developing competency in three areas:

  1. Coursework in your subject area at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences;
  2. Education coursework in instructional design, adolescent development, classroom methods and evaluation, and more;
  3. Practical skills acquired through field experiences.

Our program leads to licensure as a middle or high school teacher in all states and in the District of Columbia through reciprocal licensure agreements. For Massachusetts licensure, you must pass the appropriate Massachusetts subject matter test to be eligible for licensure in that field. Requirements for other states will vary.

Applicants for the master’s degree must hold a bachelor’s degree or its international equivalent from an accredited institution.

Available Programs