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The Doctor of Education (EdD) at Boston University Wheelock College of Education and Human Development is a post-master’s program that combines rigorous academic coursework and practical, field-based experiences.  The EdD is designed specifically for students who seek an advanced degree to support their work as practitioners in PK–12 and other educational settings.  The focus is on preparing leaders to take on important challenges in the profession, in the everyday life of schools and communities.

EdD Degree Overview

Students in BU Wheelock’s EdD program will study education leadership and policy in a sequenced set of courses that develop the key knowledge and skills that graduates will need in order to make a real difference in the lives of children, educators and families.  Utilizing scaffolded instruction in research methodology, doctoral students will also complete a dissertation that examines a problem of practice drawn from the current education landscape.

What Is a Doctor of Education Degree?

A Doctor of Education degree is a graduate program that prepares master’s degree holders for advanced positions in the field of education. The rigorous curriculum of an EdD program has students working hands-on in research and teaching positions. The Boston University EdD program allows students to complete six semester-long apprenticeships where they will work alongside BU Wheelock faculty experts. 

How Long Is a Doctor of Education Program?

The doctor of education program at BU Wheelock includes 14 core courses and three Leadership Seminars.  Coursework for the program takes place in a two-week summer institute as well as on eight weekends (Friday/Saturday) throughout the academic year.  This part-time, executive education format allows students to maintain their regular full-time jobs as they pursue their degree.  Most students complete the program in three years; work on the dissertation may extend this period for some students.  New cohorts are admitted every other calendar year.

What Can You Do with an EdD Degree?

The EdD supports graduates in attaining leadership positions in practice, including in education settings such as schools and districts, charter and independent schools, and other community-based or nonprofit settings.  Employers view an EdD degree as a sign that an individual has worked hard to gain experience and expertise in the field.

Degree holders may hold positions such as superintendent (or assistant superintendent) of schools, principal, assistant principal, dean, head of school, program director, department chair,  curriculum leader, DEI administrator, etc.  Students who seek administrative licensure from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) can participate in a BU-sponsored practicum that meets state requirements for certification.

Is a Doctor of Education Worth It?

In a word, yes.  A BU Wheelock EdD will allow you to compete for the highest level leadership positions in the profession.  The return on investment is real—both in terms of the impact graduates make in the field as well as the salaries they are able to earn in advanced administrative positions in educational and other organizational settings.

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