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Project: Use your fluent Japanese to study emotion-language interaction

Speakers who are not fully proficient in a second language report experiencing reduced emotional resonances when they use that language. We wish to establish the strength of emotional arousal when college students who are learning Japanese make decisions about moral reasoning to vignettes about culturally-specific vs. universal values.

Psychologists and neuroscientists gain insight into emotional arousal and cognitive effort by measuring physical changes in the body such as skin conductance, heart rate and blood pressure. The Psycholinguistics Laboratory at Boston University plans uses a highly popular and well-known measuring system called biopac. It comes with software called acqknowledge (which is a play on words “acquire” and “knowledge”).

Your Japanese language expertise will be crucial since you will interview the participants to determine whether their proficiency is sufficient for them to understand the moral dilemmas. You have the option of choosing how to invest in projects. You can learn to use the equipment, in our lab room in PSY 239, and become an expert in psychophysiological monitoring. You can help with subject recruitment, running subjects, analyzing data, writing reports. Involvement with data analysis, interpretation and writing a journal article can earn you co-author credit. You can also suggest ideas for experiments.


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