CAS Honors Research Travel Award Program

The CAS Honors Research Travel Award program funds grants of up to $1,000 for travel to conduct research by advanced undergraduates pursuing the B.A. with honors in any College of Arts & Sciences major. These awards recognize outstanding student scholars and enable them to execute Senior Honors Projects that require travel in the course of research. The specific purpose of the travel may be any kind of fieldwork required for the project, including activities such as consulting archival or library materials, conducting interviews, collecting data of any sort, attending performances, exhibitions, or other cultural events, or working with scholars in the relevant field. Up to 10 Honors Scholar Research Travel grants will be awarded each year.

Honors research travel may be scheduled for any point during the student’s junior or senior year or the intervening summer, provided that the student has an approved Honors Project proposal on file in his or her major department. The best time for research travel will vary by field and by project. Each student works with the faculty mentor supervising his/her Honors Project to formulate an overall research plan and timeline where the benefits of research travel can be most fully realized in the final thesis or paper.

These awards are restricted to travel for the purpose of conducting honors research. Students whose projects entail costs for a) research supplies (books, subscriptions, software, consumables, etc.) or b) travel to professional meetings to present results may apply for funding in those categories to BU’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). The Student Academic Enhancement Fund (SAEF) can also provide funding for travel to professional meetings in which the applicant is presenting or has a leadership role.


For Student Applicants and Recipients of Honors Research Travel Awards

These awards are competitive and represent a special mark of recognition by the College of Arts & Sciences. Recipients may be recognized in CAS publications and on the CAS website. Students are encouraged to cite their Honors Research Travel Award on the acknowledgments page of their honors thesis and any resulting publications, in keeping with the best scholarly practices. After completing their funded travel, recipients will be asked by the CAS Dean’s Office to submit a one- to two-page report or short photo/video essay documenting their research travel and how it contributed to their Honors Project.

For Faculty Supervising the Honors Projects of Student Applicants and Awardees

You will be asked to certify the quality of the research project, the appropriateness and necessity of the travel, and the likelihood that the student will carry out the project to the highest standards. You will also be required to work with the student to ensure that the expenditure of any funds awarded is fully appropriate.


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Last updated: March 2022