BUworks Finance is the University’s financial accounting system built on a SAP platform.  The system is made up of sub-components of Financial Accounting (FI) modules such as general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, budget, operational procurement, funds management and research accounting functionality.

It supports financial planning and transactional functions for the University and provides data for internal and external reporting. It provides an integrated infrastructure that supports budget, finance, procurement and research administration to faculty and staff.  It is designed to improve the University’s ability to plan, manage, and handle financial data.

Process Guides

The Process Guides provide an introduction to the elements of BUworks via introductory videos and workflow visualizations categorized by business functions.

Ordering Goods and Services - ISRs

Navigating and accessing within the WebGUI (tab) ECC System (sub-tab) in the BUworks Central portal.

The Account XWalk functionality is used to translate our old legacy system accounting codes to the new SAP master data and cost object and vise versa.  It is utilized when there is a need to obtain legacy accounting codes for other sub-system that are not currently on the SAP system.

The Journal Entry functionality is used as part of the process for managing accuracy of expenses charged to cost objects within the general ledger financial system.

The Cashier Upload file workflow process is used to record and account for cash, credit card, and petty cash deposits made to University accounts.  The upload process imports the data into the General Ledger system for workflow approval.

The Internal Service Request process is used to request for goods or services from an internal service provider (internal vendor).

Internal Service Request

The ISR Provider Fulfillment process is use for posting (billing) charges to the General Ledger system for goods and services that were provided to another Boston University (internal) department.

The Fund Reservation functionality is used as part of the process for managing budget projections within the general ledger financial system.  It allows for commitment (encumbering) of future planned costs eliminating the need for shadow systems.

The PO Invoice workflow process is utilized to allow for the review and approval of incoming Purchase Order vendor invoices that are associated with shopping cart orders.

PO Invoice Workflow