Last Updated 07/20/2018

Cashier Upload File

The upload process imports the data into the general ledger system for workflow approval and posting.  The necessary process change is due to the integration of the SAP BUworks system with the new Cashier Services system (NelNet).

It provides an efficient streamline process for entering, approving and posting cashier entries in the University’s accounting system (BUworks WebGUI ECC system).

The new process benefits both Administrators and Cashier Services by eliminating the use of Legacy accounting codes (ACK) and providing the user with the means to initiate and track deposits and or petty cash transactions entries.

The Cashier Upload (Journal Entry) Process

The following sections describe the cashier upload process, review the instructions and template files, and talk about the required roles and the WebGUI ECC system transaction code (ZCashUpload) used to upload these entries.

Displaying a Cashier Upload Entry – FBV3

In the following sections, we will review how to display a cashier upload entry in the WebGUI ECC system using transaction code FBV3Display Parked Document.

Menu Path:  BUworks Central Portal –> WebGUI tab –> ECC system –> Department Submitted Distributed role –> FBV3 – Display Parked Document