Reference materials based on Grants Management reports

How and When to Use Post Award GM Reports
The table in this Help Guide shows, for six frequently-used GM reports, a description of how the report might prove useful, when to use the report, and a list of helpful tips.

Grant Management Terminology Tutorial
This 9-minute video tutorial, developed by the Post Award Financial Operations office (PAFO), is a great way to learn about the terms used in Grant Management reports.

Grant Management Master Data relationships & definitions
A textual and graphical demonstration of the hierarchical relationship among GM data elements including grants, sponsored programs / internal orders and sponsored classes.

GM Reconciliation Checklist
This checklist, created and shared by an experienced department administrator, contains a list of questions a DA should ask him- or herself every month to ensure that spending against a grant is proceeding as expected.

Grant Dates and Definitions
Contains definitions of dates related to grants and sponsored programs. Definitions include Project Start- and End-date, Sponsored Program Start- and End-date, etc.

Grant Award Status Definitions
The GM Budget vs Actuals report uses the Characteristic Award Status. This document provides definitions of the possible states Award Status may contain.

GM Summary of Sponsored Program / Research Report Functionality
This document describes the data that each of the Sponsored Program / Research reports contains. Also provided are sample questions that the reports are suitable to use when researching answers.

GM Funds Center Group Definitions
Funds Center Groups and Group Types are presented in a hierarchical format. Groups and group types are defined and maintained by individual schools and colleges. This Quick Reference Guide contains definitions of groups used by all schools currently using this feature.

PAFO Resources
Visit the Post Award Financial Operations (PAFO) Web site to view additional resources, including answers to frequently asked questions

Other Useful Reference Materials

These documents are not specific to GM data or reports, but they are useful nevertheless.

Overview of SAP Modules and Finance Terminology
The finance area is composed of four different modules, each serving in support and operational roles within various processes and each carrying out many different responsibilities under the financial umbrella. This affects the Business Warehouse because the data contained in a single report may be drawn from one or more modules, each of which uses terminology that may be different from other finance modules.

Useful SAP Account Numbers and Doc Types
Many of the account numbers used in BUworks are structured in way such that information can be gleaned simply by examining the digits that make up the account number. This document describes how to learn more about General Ledger account numbers, Purchase Order numbers, Grant or Internal Order numbers, etc., simply by paying attention to the leading digits of the numbers.