Business Warehouse Job Aids are guides that address business questions commonly asked by report users. They are related to tasks that one needs to perform in the process of doing his/her job. The Aids listed on this page are specific to GM reports and grant data.

How to – View Funds Reservation Numbers – FRNs
This document describes how to modify an existing Funds Management report to enable you to focus on Funds Reservation Numbers associated with grants under examination.

How to – Reconcile Grants on a Monthly Basis
Use this checklist as a guide when examining grant activity with an eye toward month-end reconciliation

Other Aids

Although they are not specific to Grants Management, additional job aids are available and may be helpful.

BW How to – View Open Commitments Help Guide or Video
The document and video describe the process recommended to identify all open commitments for a Funds Center as of a specified date. Commitments associated with Purchase Orders, Internal Service Requests (ISR’s) and Facilities Service Requests (FSR’s) are considered. This solution requires access to Funds Management (FM) reports.

How to – View Concur Expense Activity in a BW Report

Expense data from the Concur Travel System has been loaded into the BUworks Business Warehouse (BW) on a daily basis since October, 2014. While there is no BW report designed specifically to display data pulled from the Concur System, this document describes how to modify an existing BW report to view Concur data.

How to – View ISR or FSR Activity
Goods or services provided by vendors internal to Boston University are procured via Internal Service Requests (ISRs) or Facilities Service Requests (FSRs). This 90-second video provides a step-by-step look at how to filter data in a report like Funds Management Transaction Detail to focus on ISR/FSR activity.

How to – View P-Card Data
This document describes how to view P-Card data in three detail-level reports: Transaction Detail and Transaction Detail w/ Payroll Detail in the FM Account Summary Reports folder and Grant Document for Expenditures in the Grants Management (Faculty) folder.

A list of all aids is available on this page.