Use the following Guides to help you understand Grants Management reports and the data they contain.

Grants Management (Distributed) reports

There are two categories of reports in the GM (Distributed) report folder: those that deal with post-award activity and reports that examine pre-award activity. The former provide data related to the financial elements of grant management – budgets and expenses – while the latter explore data pertaining to proposal and initial award activity.

Financial Accounting / Post-award Activity

How to Run – GM Budget vs Actual
This report, recommended for use by Department Administrators, displays the budget and actuals for one or more grants during specified fiscal periods. The report provides a snapshot of budget, income/expense actuals, payroll actuals, and commitments and includes unexpended budget and percentage of budget expended. Drill-down is available to view the following detail data via separate reports: (1) expenses, (2) commitments, (3) payroll information, and (4) budget entries.

How to Run – GM Master Data – Revenue and AR
This report is useful to Department Administrators when they are reviewing the health of an account. It gives DA’s a tool to see open AR (awaiting payment) on Grants, and reduces risk associated with accounts because it’s possible to check that the sponsor is paying BU the invoiced funds so we don’t spend more than we are being compensated for. The report provides Accounts Receivable (money owed to BU from a Sponsor) on Grants. Data includes total budget, expense, revenue and open AR on an award for the sponsor portion only. 

How and When to Use Post Award GM Reports 
The table in this Help Guide shows, for six frequently-used GM reports, a description of how the report might prove useful, when to use the report, and a list of helpful tips.

Research and Sponsored Program / Pre-award Activity

This report category contains reports developed for use by distributed users (department administrators) and central users, e.g., Office of Sponsored Program (OSP) administrators. View the Research and Sponsored Program How-to Guides.

Grants Management (Faculty) reports

A third set of reports – the Faculty Grants Management reports – are available in the Grants Management (Faculty) reporting folder. The Budget vs Actuals report and the associated detail reports differ from the Faculty GM reports in several ways. Chief among them are these significant differences:

  1. The former reports provide basic Business Warehouse functionality – including the ability to filter data, sort/group data, and add subtotals;
  2. The Distributed reports contain free characteristics and the faculty reports do not;
  3. The Faculty reports do not show commitments (encumbrances)

Because of these differences, the GM Budget vs Actual report is recommended as the “go-to” destination for Department Admins responsible for monitoring grant activity. Note: while a new set of reports was created for use by principal investigators in 2014, the GM Faculty reports are still available to administrators.

How to Run – GM Grant Reporting for Faculty
Describes the summary-level report and the two associated drill-down reports.

How to Run – GM Grant Reporting for Faculty Grant Expense Detail
This Help guide describes how to run and understand the Grant Expense Detail report. The report provides line-item detail by Sponsored Program.