System Access for New Employees

New employees will be automatically assigned access to Employee Self-Service (ESS) and any other roles associated with their position within 2 business days of receiving a BU login name and Kerberos password.

If an employee requires additional access, the designated Department Security Administrator (DSA) should submit a request for additional roles, following the process outlined below.

Changing Security Roles

To request security access role changes:

  1. Contact your Departmental Security Administrator (DSA).
  2. Your Department Security Administrator (DSA) will complete the BUworks Security Role Change Form located on the DSA Tab on the BUworks Central portal.
  3. The Role Change Form will be routed to the appropriate Data Trustee for approval.
  4. Approval notification is sent via email to the Department Security Administrator (DSA).
  5. The Department Security Administrator (DSA) notifies the user(s) that the changes have been completed.

Additional Information:

  1. Departmental Security Administrator (DSA)
  2. BUworks Security Access Distributed Role Definitions
  3. For further questions contact the IT Help Center at or by calling 617-353-4357.

Access for Student Employees

All student employees whose position requires employee-level access to the University’s Financial and Purchasing systems will require access to SAP in order to perform their job responsibilities. To provide system access for student employees, please follow this procedure.