Blackboard’s Content Editor is an editor that allows you to add and format text, insert equations, hyperlinks and tables and attach different types of files. The editor appears throughout the system as the default text editor and is available in simple and advanced modes.

Content editor example for adding text

Core Features –

  • Supported on nearly every major web browser currently available.
  • Lightweight editing engine is much smaller and faster to load than most other web-based HTML editors.
  • Users can switch between a compact single-line action bar containing only the basic formatting options, or an expanded action bar containing every available option.
  • List numbering and bullet choices.
  • Symbols, block quotes, horizontal rules, and emoticons.
  • HTML and CSS (cascading style sheet) editing capabilities.
  • Advanced table creation and editing controls.
  • Advanced presentation and formatting controls for added objects.
  • Expanded support for different file formats, including graphic images, media, mashup objects, and more.
  • A single powerful but easy-to-use visual mathematics editor, the WIRIS Formula Editor, replacing both WebEQ and MathML.
  • Multi-language support both within the content editor itself


New features (November 2020) –

  • A single menu to add content that automatically recognizes file types
  • Optimized experience for all devices and screen sizes
  • Better accessibility for both the editor and the content you create. Menus and icons have higher contrast, pop-ups are gone, and an accessibility checker lets you know about accessibility issues as you write
  • The ability to paste content from Word, Excel, and websites with basic formatting and easily remove extra HTML
  • The ability to paste a link in the editor and automatically embed videos and previews
  • The ability to display formatted computer code snippets

Read more about the new features with this one page summary as well as some quick tips for using the editor in Blackboard.