Following the May 2020 upgrade to the Ultra Base Navigation, faculty now have the option to adopt the Ultra Course View. Individual courses can either be presented in the Original format or the new Ultra format. This page is dedicated to providing an overview of the differences between the two formats so that instructors may choose which format they would like to utilize for the online resources of their course.


Original Courses Overview

The Original Course View includes all of the traditional workflows and depth of functions Blackboard Learn is known for.

The course menu appears on the left side of your window and is the cornerstone for the organization and navigation of your course. You create links on the course menu to present tools and materials to students.

The area after the course menu is the Control Panel. You can access the Grade Center and your file repository, and choose which course tools are available to your students. Students don’t see the Control Panel.

Your content appears in the main window to the right of the course menu. You use the functions above the main window to add content, such as Build Content and Assessments. Throughout your course, most items and tools have menus.

Ultra Courses Overview

In the Ultra Course View, you have simplified workflows, a modern look and feel, and a fully responsive interface on all devices.

On the Course Content page, select the plus sign wherever you want to create content. In a new, blank course, use the functions to add content, such as Create and Upload. Select the icons on the navigation bar to open frequently used tools, such as discussions.

All of your course content appears in the main part of the page. You can always see the left navigation area that peeks from behind layers.

Most content items, such as folders and assignments, have a menu with options. When you open a piece of content, it slides out in a layer on top of the Course Content page. Close layers to go back to a previous spot in your course.