Bb Annotate is a new tool in Blackboard Learn for inline assignment grading. Bb Annotate replaces the New Box View integration in both the Original Course View and the Ultra Course View. Bb Annotate offers a more robust feature set for instructors to provide customizable feedback to students. Features include a sidebar summary view, freehand drawing tools, various color selections, and much more.


Quick Reference Guides

Bb Annotate Quick Start Guide for Instructors – Original Course View

Bb Annotate Quick Start Guide for Instructors – Ultra Course View


Frequently Asked Questions


Will it work with the Blackboard and Blackboard Instructor Mobile apps?
Bb Annotate works with the Blackboard Instructor app, but not the Blackboard app.  Students should access their assignment submission through a web browser instead to see annotations.

Are there any known issues with Bb Annotate?

  • The previous Box issue with highlighting leaving gaps will be visible in the migrated document.  Users can delete the highlight and re-create it using Bb Annotate.   
  • If a Grader’s session expires or loses internet connectivity, there is no indication within Bb Annotate that annotations aren’t being saved.
  • In the Blackboard app, print and download aren’t working properly.  Users can print or download through a web browser instead
  • Files could lose any non-asciii characters in the file name when the PDF is downloaded
  • In non-english language packs, some garbled characters may appear when using Bb Annotate.
Will Bb Annotate work with Pen-enabled devices?

Yes, Bb Annotate provides a much improved experience to users on mobile devices. Touch / stylus (e.g. Apple Pencil) usage is much more responsive so you have more granular/higher fidelity of detail when compared to New Box View