The Boston University telephone system accommodates more than 14,000 lines serving the Charles River and Medical Campuses. We provide University departments with a wide range of business telephone services, from office phones, voice mail, long distance, headsets, toll-free numbers, conference phones, and repair to advanced call routing, automated attendant systems, online bill access, and design of office telephone systems. Details are provided in individual service descriptions. See also our detailed instructions on phone functionality, making long distance calls, and utilizing our switchboard operators

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Help Center at 617-353-HELP (4357) or at

  • An automated attendant system provides a simple, quick way for people calling your department to reach the person best positioned to help them.... more »

  • Call distribution systems automate the distribution of incoming telephone calls for answering by a group of people.... more »

  • Faculty and staff can sign up for mobile or smart phone service through BU, with department authorization.... more »

  • Billing and work order management for telecommunications services is available online through Pinnacle, from Paetec Communications.... more »

  • The Boston University telephone system accommodates more than 10,000 lines serving the Charles River campus. We provide you with access to those lines, along with a wide range of business telephone services and equipment for University departments.... more »

  • Telephone repair service is available to faculty and staff who have a problem with their telephone or fax line.... more »

  • Voice mail allows callers to leave you a personal, secure message when you are unavailable and allows you to access and manage your messages from any phone, anywhere, anytime.... more »