BlueZone provides secure, encrypted mainframe 3270 terminal emulation service over the Internet. It also provides a secure FTP service for file transfers to/from the UIS mainframe, or a user-customizable FTP service for file transfers to/from FTP hosts other than UIS.

BlueZone is “thick client” terminal emulation software, but it installs and upgrades from the IS&T BlueZone website. BlueZone is fully supported by the IT Help Center.


  • Secure encrypted transmission – There’s no security vulnerability or exposure in the data that flows between your PC and the mainframe.
  • Web-based installation – BlueZone installs from the Web. A few clicks of the mouse and BlueZone downloads, installs, and is ready to use. Updates are also done via the Web.
  • It’s free – There is no software to purchase or upgrade.


  • OS
    Windows 2000, XP, VISTA, or Windows 7
  • Important: Pre-approval is required.
    You must request approval to install and use BlueZone. Failure to obtain prior approval before attempting to install BlueZone will result in an unsuccessful installation.