Once you have a BU Google account, you can log into BU’s Lucidchart in one of three ways:

1. Go to the Lucidchart sign-in page, click the Google button, choose your BU Google account and enter your BUID and Kerberos password.

2. From within your BU Google Apps account, click the 3×3 app launcher icon (shown below), then click “more” and select Lucidchart. Note that you must be within another Google app such as Google Drive for Lucidchart to appear on this list; Lucidchart will not appear from a Google search page, even though the 3×3 app launcher is there.

3x3 iconLucidchart icon

3. Create a new chart directly from Google Drive by clicking Create and selecting Lucidchart.

Google Drive menu












You can insert a diagram directly into a Google document via the Lucidchart add-on.









Shape Libraries

Lucidchart provides many different pre-set diagramming solutions for a variety of possible use cases. Browse them here.

General diagramming

Design / Layout



IT diagrams