List of Currently Installed Software

To request additional software, please submit a request. Please note that software is only updated semesterly.
Page Last Updated: 02/15/2022

Software Title Category
Acrobat Reader DC 2021 Adobe Creative Cloud, Document Readers & Tools
Adobe Acrobat DC 2021 Adobe Creative Cloud, Document Readers & Tools
Adobe Audition 2022 Adobe Creative Cloud, Audio Editing
Adobe Dreamweaver 2022 Adobe Creative Cloud, Web Design, Computer Programming
Adobe Illustrator 2022 Adobe Creative Cloud, Image Editing, Vector
Adobe InCopy 2022 Adobe Creative Cloud, Copywriting, Document Editing
Adobe InDesign 2022 Adobe Creative Cloud, Document Editing, Publishing
Adobe Lightroom CC 5.1 Adobe Creative Cloud, Image Editing, RAW
Adobe Photoshop CC 2022 Adobe Creative Cloud, Image Editing, Raster
Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Creative Cloud
Access 2019 Microsoft Office, Databases
Excel 2019 Microsoft Office, Spreadsheets
OneNote 2019 Microsoft Office, Notetaking
PowerPoint 2019 Microsoft Office, Presentations
Publisher 2019 Microsoft Office, Document Editing, Publishing
Word 2019 Microsoft Office, Document Editing
Google Drive File Storage
Google Chrome Web Browser
Mozilla Firefox ESR Web Browser
Internet Explorer 11 Web Browser
ActivePerl Computer Programming
Git Computer Programming
GitHub Desktop Computer Programming
Eclipse Computer Programming
AdoptOpenJDK Development Kit 8.232.09 Computer Programming
Jupyter (For Python 3.6) Computer Programming
Python 3.10 Computer Programming
Spyder 3 (For Python 3.6) Computer Programming
Visual Studio 2015 Computer Programming
Notepad++ Computer Programming, Text Editor
Mendeley Document Readers & Tools, Reference Management
MikTeX Document Readers & Tools
Read&Write Gold 12 Document Readers & Tools, Accessibility, Screen Reader
SumatraPDF Document Readers & Tools
TeXstudio Document Readers & Tools
Zotero Document Readers & Tools, Reference Management
Inkscape Image Editing, Vector
IrfanView Image Editing
CSPro Data Analysis, Medical
Epi Info Data Analysis, Medical
IBM SPSS Statistics 26 Data Analysis
JMP Genomics 9 Data Analysis
JMP Pro 15 Data Analysis
MATLAB R2021a Data Analysis
NVivo 1.6.1 Data Analysis
R 4.1.2 Data Analysis
RStudio 2021.09.2 Build 382 Data Analysis
SAS 9.4 Data Analysis
SPSS SmartViewer 15 Data Analysis
STATA/IC 16 (x64) Data Analysis
Wolfram Mathematica 12 Data Analysis
VLC Media Players
BioLucida Medical
Cn3D Medical
NDSR Sargent College, Nutrition
Praat Sargent College, Speech
SALT Sargent College, Linguistics
Sylvius Sargent College, Medical
FileZilla SSH & FTP, Web Design
MobaXterm SSH & FTP
WinSCP SSH & FTP, Web Design
X-Win32 SSH & FTP
Citrix Workspace Virtualization
VMware Horizon Client Virtualization