After recording a class session to the cloud, Zoom processes the file and sends you an email with a link to access the video. You can then share your recording with students. Cloud recording is not available in Zoom Meetings for HIPAA.

In situations where you need to provide access to your recorded class session as quickly as possible, instructors can share their recordings from Zoom directly, provided they meet the following criteria:
  • A recording-specific password must be set and shared only with enrolled students
  • Viewers must not be able to download the recording
While it is still recommended to store recorded class sessions in BU My Media, this alternative approach can provide instructors with an additional option during times when recordings may require excessive processing time.
Faculty teaching students with accommodations that provide closed captioning must upload their recordings to BU My Media to provide ADA-compliant captioning. For further instructions, please refer to Downloading Cloud Recordings.
  1. Log in to Zoom Meetings using your BU Login.
  2. Click the “Recordings” link, located on the sidebar to the left of the page.
    Zoom web interface personal section, recordings highlighted
  3. Locate the recording you wish to share in the list and click “Share….”
    • Don’t see your recording? Use the date filters at the top of the page to adjust your search.
  4. You can now configure your recording’s sharing permissions. To meet the criteria outlined above:
    • Share this recording: Publicly (Selecting “Only authenticated users may view” may cause unexpected results in some scenarios)
    • Viewers can download: Disabled
    • Password protect: Enabled with an alphanumeric password set in the field that appears. Click “Save” to set the password.
    • On-Demand (Registration required): Disabled

    Zoom recording sharing options

  5. Click “Copy to Clipboard” to copy the meeting invitation and password. You can then paste and share this with your class using Blackboard or Sakai.