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Available to: Students, Faculty, Staff

Cost: No charge for Zoom Meetings. Charges apply for additional features. See Cost, below.


Zoom Meetings for HIPAA provides a robust platform for online collaboration and meetings for HIPAA covered components.


Zoom Meetings for HIPAA provides an option for times when you must discuss sensitive data while retaining the same benefits Zoom Meetings has to offer. Despite being a separate environment, Zoom Meetings for HIPAA is still integrated with your existing BU login, eliminating the need to track additional accounts.

Key Features

Zoom Meetings for HIPAA offers many of the same features as Zoom Meetings. However, your account can only exist in one Zoom instance at a time. If you plan to use Zoom to discuss HIPAA Data, please be aware of the following differences between Zoom Meetings and our HIPAA instance:

Feature Description Status Reason Implications
Cloud Recordings Record meetings and automatically process and store them in the cloud. Disabled Required by Zoom Automatic transcripts are unavailable.
Meeting passcode requirements All meeting types and entry points must be passcode protected. Participants joining by phone may enter using either the meeting passcode or their assigned Participant ID number. Required Prevent uninvited participants from randomly entering your meeting by ID number.
Waiting Room Guests cannot join a meeting until a host admits them individually from the waiting room. Required Prevent unknown guests from joining meetings that may contain sensitive data. Waiting Room Options cannot be modified. Everyone will be sent to the waiting room.
Require Encryption for 3rd Party Endpoints (H323/SIP) Zoom requires encryption for all data between the Zoom cloud, Zoom client, and Zoom Room. Require encryption for 3rd party endpoints (H323/SIP). Required Required by Zoom Participants may be unable to join meetings from SIP devices.
Identify guest participants in the meeting/webinar Guests (someone who does not belong to the BU HIPAA account) will be highlighted in the participants list of a meeting or webinar. Required Improved awareness of who is currently in a meeting that may contain sensitive data.
Auto saving chats Automatically save all in-meeting chats so that hosts do not need to manually save the text of the chat after the meeting starts. Disabled Prevent data from being transmitted to or stored on a non-compliant endpoint or environment. Chats can be saved manually before the meeting ends.
Live streaming the meetings Allow hosts to live stream their meetings to Workplace by Facebook or Custom Live Streaming Service. Disabled Prevent Restricted Use Data from being transmitted or stored in non-approved environments.
Play sound when participants join or leave Sound will be heard by host when participants join or leave. Enabled Improved awareness of who is currently in a meeting that may contain sensitive data.
Remote Support Allow meeting host to provide 1:1 remote support to another participant. Disabled Prevent unauthorized access to endpoints with HIPAA or Restricted Use Data.
Live Transcription Provide machine-generated transcription and captioning to attendees. Disabled Required by Zoom Manual closed captioning can still be provided.
Far end camera control Allow another user to take control of your camera during a meeting Disabled Prevent unauthorized access to endpoints with HIPAA or Restricted Use Data.

What to Expect

Zoom Meetings is a cloud hosted meetings solution, for which Zoom promises 99.9% uptime. See the Zoom Status portal for current service status and past incidents.


  • Zoom Client for Meetings is available for Windows, macOS, and many Linux distributions. Detailed requirements can be found on Zoom's System Requirements page.
  • Zoom is available for iOS and Android. Detailed requirements can be found on Zoom's Mobile System Requirements page.
  • The Zoom Web Client supports joining meetings from your browser without installing a plugin and works best with Google Chrome. A full feature comparison can be found on the Zoom Web Client page.
  • At minimum, hosts and participants in an online meeting should have:
    • A broadband wired or wireless internet connection
    • A microphone and speakers, or a headset


While Zoom Meetings is available for no charge, additional add-ons may be purchased. See the Zoom Meetings page for full details.

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