Closed captioning for media is available directly in the MyMedia interface, and will sometimes be seen as Kaltura REACH. Captioning media such as recorded videos can be a critical step in providing better accessibility to students and others who view the content you create. There are three ways of sourcing captions for your media: machine-generated, professional fidelity, and manually created/uploaded.

Machine-generated captions are automated, and use speech-to-text technology to create captions based on the audio (speech) of a certain media. This is performed without human intervention, so it is a fast method of providing additional accessibility to your videos.

  • Machine-generated captions are intended to be used as a base for creating captions to facilitate search, interactive transcripts, and other features
  • They are 60-70% accurate based on several factors (i.e, diction, audio equipment and room noise)
  • Closed captions that are machine-generated must be reviewed, so that any errors can be edited (steps for this outlined below)
  • Machine-generated captioning for existing content is available at no charge

Professional fidelity captions are typed out by a person, which provides more accuracy, and are available for a fee.  If you do not have an existing relationship with the captioning service, contact us via email regarding payment options and to set up options to use the service.

Manually created/uploaded captions are either typed out by the media-uploader in the MyMedia interface or are uploaded (such as with a transcript file) by the person that uploaded the original media to be captioned. These do not need to be ordered.

Captions need to be removed before trimming video. All necessary trimming must be complete before ordering professional captions.  Details on Trimming a Video can be found at Using MyMedia FAQ page under Using My Media Edit Video Options.

For full details, visit  What is the Kaltura REACH captioning service?