These assignments and assignment templates are meant to offer new Writing Program instructors an easily adaptable overview of the WR 120 assignment sequence. They refer to sources using the BEAM/BEAT framework, which we recommend but do not require you to introduce to your students in WR 120. Opportunities to specify your course material and alternative possible language are noted on the actual syllabi templates (linked Google docs below) in blue, and you are welcome to otherwise adapt and tailor freely. 

You are not required to use these templates, but we do ask that you refer to the Writing Program’s common vocabulary and Essential Lessons when you write your assignments as these offer coherence to our diverse topic-based classes. You may also find the WR 120 Course Planning Guide useful.

All major assignments should include scaffolding exercises, drafts and other process work, peer review, instructor feedback at both formative and summative stages, and metacognitive/reflective work.

Note that in addition to the three major assignments, all students will be participating in the Writing Program cumulative portfolios; some students will have already created their portfolios in WR 111 or WR 112, while others will be beginning it in WR 120.

Assignments & Assignment Templates