Act on Indirect Emissions

To focus on reducing BU's carbon footprint, we're taking an expansive view

Indirect emissions from transportation, purchasing, and waste disposal are collectively known as Scope 3 emissions. BU strives to be an industry leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving Zero Waste, thereby further reducing our carbon impact beyond decreasing direct emissions.

Electric Vehicles

BU is a member of MassEVolves, a state program recognizing the work of Massachusetts businesses and higher education institutions in supporting the use of zero emission vehicles for their operations, employees, and communities. BU is building infrastructure to support our employees' use of electric vehicles as their personal commuting vehicles. Learn more

Sustainable Purchasing Program

BU's Sustainable Purchasing Program supports our social and environmental objectives and local markets. We require suppliers to report their sustainability data and empower departments to make more sustainable choices when purchasing goods.

Zero Waste

BU has a goal of Zero Waste, which involves diverting 90% of our waste away from landfills and incineration. In 2021, BU released its Zero Waste Plan. Visit our Zero Waste Plan page to learn more about how we developed the plan, what the plan entails, and how you can get involved.

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