Carl Larson

Assistant Director of Transportation Demand Management and Planning | Specialty: Transportation

Sustainable transportation professional


After high school, I worked for Eastern Mountain Sports selling fleece vests and Teva sandals to BU students on the same block where I work today.

I love walking, biking, and even skiing to work. One of my favorite commutes was a two-mile kayak paddle. I was living on an island on the St. Lawrence River and working for an environmental advocacy group started by Abbie Hoffman.

In 2005, I took a road trip to Portland, Ore., and ended up living there for 10 years, working as a bicycle advocate, educator, and event organizer.

My job at BU is to help people get to campus as sustainably as possible–ideally without driving alone or driving at all. I wonder what my grandfather would think of my work. He was old enough to remember riding horses across the Cottage Farm Bridge (now the BU Bridge) and later, in the 1920s, sold Cadillacs at 808 Comm Ave. These days, that building is the new Howard Thurman Center, where we’ve installed a secure bike room and an electric vehicle charging station.

BU Highlights

  • Improved sustainable commuting benefits for BU employees
  • Introduced subsidized bike-share memberships for all BU students
  • Increased bike parking and storage options
  • Leveraged local grants to expand BU’s electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure
  • Increased fleet efficiency through EV pilot programs
  • Created an “Urban Bicycling” class, offered through FitRec
  • Rolled out “Terrier Transit” a BU-specific trip planning app with data from the BU Shuttle, the MBTA, and bike-share
  • Increased flexibility of parking program

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