Mobile App for Mass Alliance on Teen Pregnancy

This project includes creating a mobile app for the Mass Alliance on Teen Pregnancy to connect teen parents with the organization’s resources, policy alerts, and to further engage with the program.

Project Lead:

Mass Alliance on Teen Pregnancy is the only organization in Massachusetts dedicated to ensuring that state policies and local programs effectively address the complex issues associated with teen pregnancy.

Detailed Project Description:

The mobile app will provide information to young parents on where to access resources and basic benefits. There will also be civic engagement component that let’s them easily share their stories with legislators during lobby campaigns. There will be a community engagement element that enables them to receive alerts and information from the alliance directly. I’d like to be able to update the database of information once the app is already built.

Technical Components:

I need assistance with software engineering and mobile application development. 

The primary function will be create a one-stop shop for teen parents to get information on resources & basic benefits, civically engage, and connect with the alliance for support.

Skill/Expertise Requirement(s):

1) App development