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Got the COVID-19 Blues? This App Is a Refuge

A rescinded job offer, graduation plans cancelled and little to zero social contact – can leave even the most positive people – at a loss. This was the case for computer science graduate student and Spark! software engineering TA, Asad Malik.  “What I noticed was that a lot of my friends were going through similar […]

Mobile App for Mass Alliance on Teen Pregnancy

This project includes creating a mobile app for the Mass Alliance on Teen Pregnancy to connect teen parents with the organization’s resources, policy alerts, and to further engage with the program. Project Lead: Mass Alliance on Teen Pregnancy is the only organization in Massachusetts dedicated to ensuring that state policies and local programs effectively address the […]

ForkOut: Restaurant Metadata Extraction from Unstructured Menu

This project includes using helping ForkOut match restaurants to users based on their tastes using restaurant metadata. Project Lead: ForkOut is a mobile application that makes restaurant reccomendations based on users taste preferences. Detailed Project Description: ForkOut recommends restaurants to users of the app. Metadata about a restaurant is required to match a user’s taste […]

Mobile App for Black Girls Nutrition

This project includes making an mobile application to assist Black Girls Nutrition in helping black women break the cycle of dieting. Project Lead: Black Girls Nutrition is the first culturally customized artificial intelligence solution that helps millennial Women of Color break the cycle of dieting, lose weight and connect with other dieters. Their AI platform tailors our […]

Scheduling App for Medical Students

This project would include creating an app for medical students in the residency match process to help coordinate interviews, network with other applicants, and optimize scheduling. Project Lead: Melissa Pritchard, Medical Student School of Medicine, Boston University  Detailed Project Description: From an applicant perspective, the national residency match interview process can only be described as an […]