volume 9, issue 1: spectacle

editors’ introduction

Sarah Horowitz

feature essay

Curses as Crowd Control: Tourist Folklore at Pompeii
Rowan Murry

Ruining the Spectacle: Nikita Gale’s END OF SUBJECT
Darcy Olmstead

Paved Paradise: The Concrete and the Stuplime at Parc des Butte-Chaumont
Madeline Porsella

research spotlight

Reconsidering Performance Art: History, Tradition, and Contemporaneity at Chale Wote in Ga Mashie, Accra
Colleen Foran

Following Institutional Critique Inside the Library
Levi Sherman

exhibition reviews

Meret Oppenheim: My Exhibition
Katherine Gregory

SIREN (some poetics)
Farren Fei Yuan

back matter

Notes about Contributors