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Explorations of the Work of Graduate Student Artists and Architects through Photography of their Work

Everything and Nothing: The Diary of One Who Leaves

by Japheth Asiedu-Kwarteng Figure 1. Japheth Asiedu-Kwarteng. I Miss You Dada (2021). Ceramic, Kente, American flag, jute rope, epoxy. 28 x 18 x 13.5 in. Image courtesy of the artist; Figure 2. Japheth Asiedu-Kwarteng. Picking the Pieces Together (2020). Ceramic, epoxy. 28 x 18 x 15 in. Image courtesy of Anthony Kascak; Figure 3. Japheth Asiedu-Kwarteng. Ruffled Feathers […]

Unnatural Return: The Feminist Uncanny

by Elizabeth Rankin In a recent publication, Alexandra Kokoli explores the concept of the uncanny in feminist thought and in contemporary art practice.1 My doctoral research employs Kokoli’s theories to re-conceptualize representations of women in crime narratives through a close reading of the murder coverage of Linda Agostini in Albury, Australia, 1934. For Kokoli, the uncanny […]

Fauxssilles for the Future: Cyanotype Expressions on Plastic Waste

This project focuses on the emerging plastic waste problem in the marine environment through a photographic series. In order to create a visual reflection, the project highlights the relationship between found plastic objects and cyanotype photography. Cyanotype is most commonly known as technical “blueprints” and was also the technique of the first photographic book, made […]

Processes as Objects

My printmaking practice explores the “objectness”[1] of stones, pebbles, and cobbles. Informed by Heiddegerian Object Oriented Ontology, my work expands how we define objects. It presents them as things with histories, “irreducible in both directions: an object is more than its pieces and less than its effects.”[2] In the series Souls and Eclipse I complicate […]

Visual Essay

This body of work explores our relationship to images, especially with increasing technological access, and our current blindness to the photograph itself — when images are forgotten as representations and mistaken for reality. Using a large format camera, I photograph composed images, words, reflections, and grit, contained within my personal computer screen. The clearly visible surface […]

Dwelling in Sensation

We live in an age of mass virtual mediation. This originates in the historical oppression of sensuality. Alongside sexual promiscuity and perversion, sensuality itself is repeatedly condemned in biblical texts. During the rise of Fordist mass production and the Industrial Revolution in America, a Protestant work ethic prioritized efficient production over experience when the creative […]

Am I doing this right?

Am I doing this right? (2017) is the result of a near six-hour performance in which I read a year’s worth of journal entries phonetically backwards in a pitiful and misguided attempt to review myself and achieve self-actualization. As my voice grew coarse, I drank water and as I drank water I needed to pee. […]

Manifestations of Self Through Art Objects

Elizabeth Gálvez, Vault Skirt: A Notion for Play, 2013. Fluorescent rip-stop nylon, steel rod, colored thread. All images property of Elizabeth Gálvez. Vault Skirt is a piece that challenges the prescriptive society in which we live. As a child, one is encouraged to play and move freely throughout space. Yet as an adult, one can […]


“” is an ongoing web project that consists of a collaged, found-footage video and a collection of screenshots. The original footage and images are taken from Instagram humor handles and then edited to remove the funny parts of the videos. The leftover clips are reworked into a narrative, which shifts as more content is added […]

Emily Quinn

My work examines stereotypical masculinity using humor, mystery, and absurdity to critique male preoccupation with sex, objectification of women, and exhibitionism. The painting, Dog Spit in Space, uses symbolism and the language of Photoshop to refer to ejaculation, while Man Camp is a folkloric representation of men policing each other’s masculinity. Working loosely from my […]