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Discussions with Art Makers and Art Historians Making a Difference in the Field

Unraveling the Artistic Threads: An Interview with Snigdha Tiwari

by Sakina Ahmad Snigdha Tiwari is a Delhi-based artist whose work weaves together a rich tapestry of creativity and personal narratives. Known for using textiles and fabrics in her art, she has been featured in prominent group exhibitions like Immerse (2022), The Cadence of Free Fall (2019), and Art Asia (2018). Her artistic growth is […]

New Landscapes: A Conversation with Drew Etienne

by Morgan J. Brittain The multimedia work of Drew Etienne calls upon and reconstructs the Euro-American artistic traditions of portraiture, tondi, and landscape painting in order to confront corporate-caused environmental degradation and climate change. Etienne’s “new landscapes,” some of which were featured in his solo show The Technosphere at the University of Iowa in spring […]

In Conversation with Eric Rivera Barbeito

by Gabrielle Tillenburg   Puerto Rican-born artist Eric Rivera Barbeito’s multimedia practice interrogates the regulation of Puerto Rico’s status as a colony, and conversely, deregulations harmful to the Puerto Rican people such as governmental policies, those related to environmental crises, and disaster capitalism. This interview discusses his political research and process, highlighting crucial tensions relevant […]

Catarina de Araújo interviews Jonathas de Andrade

Jonathas de Andrade is a contemporary artist working in installation, photography, and video. His work embraces elements of regional specificity while invoking universal themes associated with memory, place, and the human condition. Jonathas de Andrade: One to One is on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago April 13 – August 25, 2019. […]

Frank Stella Unbound: Literature and Printmaking

Born in Malden, Massachusetts, Frank Stella attended Phillips Academy, Andover, and continued his studies at Princeton University, in Princeton, New Jersey, earning degree in history in 1958. A painter, printmaker, and sculptor, Stella is one of the most accomplished and prolific artists working today, celebrated for his constant self-reinvention and fearless drive to push the […]

Interview: Martine Gutierrez and Jordan Karney Chaim

  Martine Gutierrez (b. 1989) is a Brooklyn-based performance artist who documents her personal transformation through film and photography. Borrowing from various pop culture idioms, she produces elaborate narrative scenes in which she stars. Smart, seductive, and sincere, Gutierrez’s imagery heightens awareness of our own expressions and perceptions of identity—particularly gender identity—by elucidating how each […]

The State of Museums in Boston: A Conversation with Professor Melanie Hall

This interview was conducted via email between graduate students Bridget Hanson and David Silvernail, and Professor Melanie Hall, Director of Museum Studies and Associate Professor, History of Art & Architecture Q: The inaugural issue of Sequitur features reviews of recent contemporary exhibitions and catalogues in Boston museums. How would you characterize the growing prominence of contemporary […]