editorial board

toni armstrong, junior editor

Toni Armstrong is a doctoral student studying 19th-century art and visual culture in the United States. Toni’s research explores collecting, domesticity, and natural history with an emphasis on women collectors. Previously, Toni has held positions at the Worcester Art Museum and the Musée national d’histoire et d’art in Luxembourg.

shannon bewley, senior editor

Shannon Bewley is a PhD Candidate studying twentieth-century sculpture and exhibition histories. Her research emphasizes women sculptors, controversial public works, and alternative gallery spaces. Previously, she held positions in the curatorial departments of the Birmingham Museum of Art, Alabama, and the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Colorado.

amy delabruere, editorial assistant

Amy DeLaBruere is a second year master’s student studying American and British paintings and prints at the turn of the twentieth century. Her research focuses on text and image relationships, as well as representations of women and social dynamics. Previously, she held curatorial and research positions at the Yale University Art Gallery, Yale Center for British Art, and the Boston University Art Galleries.

danarenae donato, junior editor

Danarenae Donato is a doctoral student studying early modern Italian art. Her research focuses on the reception of antiquity, collection practices, and global artistic and cultural exchange, including that of the applied arts. She has previously held positions in the Pascack Historical Society, Samek Art Museum, Studio Galleria Romanelli, and The Frick Collection.

hannah jew, junior editor

Hannah Jew is a third year PhD student studying seventeenth century Dutch painting, print, and material culture. Her research interests pertain to the period’s global and domestic economies in relation to imagery, especially that of women and their work within the home. She has held positions at the Musee en Herbe in Paris, France, and the Boston University Art Galleries. This year, she will also serve as one coordinator for the Boston University Graduate Symposium.

sybil f. joslyn, senior editor

Sybil F. Joslyn is a PhD Candidate studying American decorative arts and material culture in the long nineteenth century. Her research explores the intersection between material and visual culture, the expression of individual and national identities, and intercultural exchange in the Atlantic World. Previously, Sybil has held internships and fellowships at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Bard Graduate Center, Hirschl & Adler Galleries, Inc., and the Winter Antiques Show.

editors emeriti

Sarah Horowitz, 2021-2022

Althea Ruoppo, 2020–2022

Julián Serna Lancheros, 2020–2022

Ateret Sultan-Reisler, 2021–2022

Colleen Foran, 2019–2021

Ikbal Zeynep Dursunoğlu, 2019–2021

Phillippa Pitts, 2019–2021

Bailey Benson, 2018–2020

Defne Kirmizi, 2018–2020

Kimber Chewning, 2017–2019

Lauren Graves, 2017–2019

Alison Terndrup, 2017–2019

Kelsey Gustin, 2017–2018

Joseph Saravo, 2016–2018

Lydia Harrington, 2016–2017

Erin McKellar, 2014–2017

Jordan Karney Chaim, 2015–2017

Sasha Goldman, 2015–2017

Steve Burges, 2014–2016

Ewa Matyczyk, 2014–2016

Beth Pugliano, 2013–2015

Martina Tanga, 2013–2015

Naomi Slipp, 2014–2015