Graduate Student History of Art & Architecture Association

Who We Are



  • President-Jordan Karney
  • Vice President & Treasurer: Tessa Hite
  • Guest Scholar Lecture Series Coordinators: Tina Barouti & Kelsey Gustin
  • History of Art & Architecture Forum Coordinators: Bridget Hanson & Sasha Goldman
  • MA Examination Preparation Coordinator: Elisa German
  • Student/Faculty Committee Representative: Erin McKellar
  • GSO Representatives: Alex Yen,  Lindsay Alberts & Tierney Dickinson
  • Secretary: Olivia Kiers
  • Fundraising Coordinators: Sam Toabe & Alexander Ciesielski
  • Graduate Symposium Coordinator: Sarah Parrish
  • Social Coordinators: Stephanie Keating & Hyunjin Cho
  • The Sequitur Editorial Team:
    Martina Tanga, Senior Editor
    Beth Pugliano, Senior Editor
    Naomi Slipp, Senior Editor
    Steve Burges, Junior Editor
    Ewa Matyczyk, Junior Editor

What We Do

GSHAAA strives to deepen our knowledge of art history, to support our graduate students’ art historical endeavors and departmental life, and to provide funding (when possible) and academic and professional development opportunities to our budding scholars.

Our activities involve the following areas: Scholarship, Sociability and Mentoring, and Financial Support.

Graduate Student Symposium

We organize one of the longest running Graduate Student Symposiums in the country. From a call for papers, presentations are juried and selected graduate students from across the world come together to share their work one weekend in March.
Contact: Graduate Symposium Coordinator: Sarah Parrish

Guest Scholar Lecture Series

GSHAAA runs a series of informal lectures by local scholars and professionals. They take place throughout the school year and are a great way to learn about the art world and meet people in the field.
Contact: Guest Scholar Lecture Series Coordinators: Tina Barouti & Kelsey Gustin

History of Art & Architecture Forum

The History of Art & Architecture Forum convenes twice a month, giving graduate students the opportunity to present papers prior to attending conferences and learn more about funding opportunities, grant writing, publishing and other professional development opportunities.
Contact: History of Art & Architecture Forum Coordinators: Bridget Hanson & Sasha Goldman


Founded in 2014, SEQUITUR is a scholarly art and architectural history journal edited by graduate students from BU’s Department of History of Art & Architecture. This open-access, online journal features articles written by graduate students, but we hope to reach a much wider audience. We solicit proposals from students at other universities as well as our own, and contributions include the latest exhibition and book reviews, interviews, scholarly essays, and more.

Theory Reading Group

The Theory Reading Group provides the art history graduate students a place to explore and educate ourselves on the history and application of theoretical approaches in the history of art.

Exam Prep Help

We also want to help you get ready for the Comps. Each year upper level graduate students who have taken comprehensive examinations at Boston University will run a series of information sessions and reviews on the various topics covered in the MA examination. Learn more about exam prep. GSHAAA has compiled some helpful preparation tips for taking the orals. Learn more here.
Contact: Elisa German

Student/Faculty Committee

In order to keep the lines of communication open, a small group of students (usually 1 MA, 1 PhD and a GSHAAA officer) meet regularly with the Department Chair and the Director of Graduate Studies to discuss all aspects of student life.
Contact: Student/Faculty Committee Rep: Erin McKellar

Social Events

GSHAA also helps plan the department holiday and end of the year parties as well as more informal events. Click here to view the GSHAAA  gCal event calendar. Contact: Social Coordinators: Stephanie Keating & Hyunjin Cho


Once or twice a semester GSHAAA holds an open meeting for all members at which we discuss issues and plan upcoming events. We hope you’ll join us. Click here to view past meeting minutes.