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Test Kitchen: Lentils with Roasted Carrots and Beets

By Alaina Coffey, Senior Dietetics Student – Sargent College At this week’s test kitchen we served up a nutritious, flavor-packed meal of lentils with roasted carrots and beets. Lentils have numerous health benefits: they are high in protein and fiber, low in fat, and full of minerals such as iron, copper, phosphorus, folate, and manganese. This […]

Test Kitchen: Lentil Soup

By Alaina Coffey, Senior Dietetics Student – Sargent College Students cried tears of joy while dicing onions to make lentil soup! The soup recipe, adapted from Sabrina Pashtan’s Saborina.com, accompanied by graduate student Jasper Zhao’s green tea from China created a comforting hot meal on a fall evening as our weather gets colder. Lentils do not […]

Test Kitchen: Dark Chocolate Quinoa Breakfast Bowls

Written By: Alaina Coffey, Senior Dietetics Student, SAR 15 Chocolate lovers at the Test Kitchen were very excited about this recipe. Sargent Choice is all about taking typical dishes and flavors that students already like, and utilizing them to create more nutritious, wholesome alternatives of familiar foods. Students enjoyed this creative and original take on […]

Test Kitchen: Indian Chickpea and Sweet Potato Kaftas

By Caroline Patrick, Graduate Nutrition Student We heralded in the Chinese New Year last week with a cross-cultural inspired feast. Indian koftas, sugar cookies, spicy rice noodles, and dumplings were all in abundance. We settled in, drinking tea and munching on Karen’s adorable and delicious whale-shaped sugar cookies, and learned about the traditions of the […]