Department: Rehabilitation Sciences

Department: Rehabilitation Sciences

Combined Doctor of Physical Therapy/PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences

The Physical Therapy & Athletic Training department offers a Doctor of Physical Therapy/PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences (DPT/PhD) Program for students with exceptional academic promise and strong motivation for a career in research. The program combines clinical training toward the DPT degree with PhD research training in the Rehabilitation Sciences. This combined degree program gives students […]

LaDora V. Thompson, PhD, BS, PT

Scholarly, Research, and/or Practice Interests Age-related changes in muscle health at the cellular level Understanding the underlying cellular mechanisms that explain muscle weakness and dysfunction in order to develop appropriate therapies that will prevent, retard, and reverse these age-related declines Selected Publications Baumann, C.W., Kwak, D., and Thompson, Sex-specific components of frailty in C57BL/6 mice. Aging, (Albany […]

Elliot Lee Saltzman, PhD

Scholarly, Research, and/or Practice Interests Nonlinear dynamics of sensorimotor coordination and control in limb, torso, and speech articulators; Relative timing patterns among functional units of action; Coupling between action and perception, with emphasis on graph-dynamic and parameter-dynamic processes. Courses Taught PT550: Scientific Basis of Human Movement; Instructor This is a lecture course designed to present […]

Cara L. Lewis, PT, PhD

Scholarly, Research, and/or Practice Interests Musculoskeletal causes of hip pain and biomechanical analysis of human movement. Courses Taught HP 151 Introduction to the Health and Rehabilitation Professions PT 520 Functional Anatomy HP 737 Human Movement Analysis PT 490 Independent Study RS 910 Directed Readings Scholarship – Recent Presentations (out of 55 total) “Gait and motion: […]

Terry Ellis, PhD, PT, NCS

Download CV  to view grant funding, honors/awards, and consulting activities. Scholarly, Research, and/or Practice Interests Investigating the effectiveness of rehabilitation / exercise interventions in modifying the progression of disease / disability in persons with Parkinson Disease Characterizing disability related walking behavior in people with Parkinson disease Understanding the barriers and motivators of exercise in those […]

PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences

Mentorship by exceptional faculty and exciting opportunities for interdisciplinary research and collaboration: these are among the many advantages that draw students to our PhD program in Rehabilitation Sciences. In this interdisciplinary field, we engage in research focused on understanding the factors that promote activity, function, and participation in daily life among people who have disabilities […]