If you’re a Boston University undergraduate student who would like to learn more about human communication—both the normal processes and disorders—consider choosing a minor in Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences.

Since communication is fundamental to virtually every human activity, a deeper understanding of it can enrich your study of any field. Students majoring in psychology, linguistics, education, pre-law, and other fields have completed an SLHS minor.

The speech language & hearing sciences minor consists of the following five courses (18 credits total).

Minor courses

Note: You must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher to qualify for a minor in Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences and must receive a grade of C– or better in each course. Additional SH courses are also available to students who minor in SLHS. While there are no prerequisites for any of the minor courses, it is recommended that you take SH531 Introduction to Communications Disorders first.