Red Hat Academy

The Red Hat Academy partners with a variety of academic institutions including Boston University to provide the next generation of IT talent with free access to a range of Red Hat’s training courses and certification exams. The Red Hat Academy provides online courses on linux, cloud, and software development focused on Red Hat products.

Courses and labs are freely offered in the cloud through the Red Hat Academy Learning Portal. Course labs run around 60 hours for students and around 80 hours for instructors and include downloadable lab images. Students receive online guided courses through the material and instructors receive additional content such as instructional videos and the ability to track student progress. Instructors can also request speakers in classes on a volunteer basis through the following request form.

The only requirements for use of Red Hat Academy courses are:

  1. Courses must be used as part of a multi-week learning program
  2. Students accessing the courses must be enrolled in a degree granting program

For general inquiries please reach out to Ari Trachtenberg

Red Hat Academy Agreement