Category: Event Reports

ChRIS at the Red Hat Summit

“Ideas Worth Exploring” Keynote with Jim Whitehurst and Dr. Ellen Grant At the Red Hat Summit last month, Dr. Ellen Grant, Director of Fetal and Neonatal Neuroimaging Research at Boston Children’s Hopsital and Professor of Radiology and Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School joined Jim Whitehurst up on stage during his keynote, “Ideas Worth Exploring.” She […]

Microarchitecture Security Roundtable Report

The 2017 Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities showed the world that microarchitecture security problems are real. Given the unique nature of microarchitecture security, topics and research areas discussed covered many aspects of discovery and mitigation. In order to address this important topic, the Collaboratory hosted a roundtable event on Microarchitecture Security on April 27, 2018 at […]

Baremetal Provisioning Roundtable Report

On April 6 2018, the Collaboratory hosted a roundtable session on Baremetal Provisioning. The focus of this roundtable was twofold: To create a roadmap for upstreaming the secure elastic baremetal provisioning capabilities of HIL, M2 (formerly BMI), and Bolted. These projects are used in and developed by the MOC and have important features for operating […]

ChRIS Code Lab Event Report

On March 27 and 28, the Collaboratory hosted a code lab event for the ChRIS imaging platform at Red Hat’s Open Innovation Lab in Boston. ChRIS (ChRIS Research Integration Service) is a cloud-based platform developed as part of a collaborative effort between Boston Children’s Hospital, Red Hat, Boston University, and the Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC). […]