Colloquium: The Future of Enterprise Application Development in the Cloud

Red Hat Collaboratory at Boston University Colloquium

Mark Little

Red Hat, Vice President of Engineering and JBoss Middleware CTO

The Future of Enterprise Application Development in the Cloud


Since the dawn of the cloud, developers have been inundated with a range of different recommended architectural approaches such as Web Services, REST or microservices, as well as just as many different frameworks or stacks, including AWS, Java EE, Spring Boot and now Eclipse MicroProfile. Throw in the explosion of programming languages, such as Golang and Swift and it’s no wonder a developer today could be forgiven for being confused about where is the right place to start. In this session we will look at how cloud and large scale distributed systems problems are influencing the research behind, and evolution of application development stacks and frameworks. We will describe some of the fundamental research challenges in areas including reactive programming, serverless, fault tolerance and multi-tenancy.


Mark Little leads the technical direction, research, and development for Red Hat JBoss Middleware. Prior to taking over this role in 2008, Mark served as the SOA technical development manager and director of standards. Additionally, Mark was a chief architect, and co-founder at Arjuna Technologies, a spin-off from HP, where he was Distinguished Engineer. He has worked in the area of reliable distributed systems since the mid-80s with a PhD in fault-tolerant distributed systems, replication, and transactions. Mark is also a professor at Newcastle University and Lyon University.


  • 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM: Pizza & Networking
  • 12:00 – 1:00 PM: Talk and Discussion


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Recording of Event

This talk was held as scheduled. A recording can be accessed here.  Slides can be accessed here.