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Central Administration

25 Buick Street
p. 617-353-4380
Hilary Caron Interim Director of Residence Life
Kenn Douglass Senior Associate Director of Residence Life
 Jason Grochowalski Associate Director of Residence Life for Administration
Maggie Sawada Interim Associate Director of Residence Life
Gerry Falcon Fiscal & Operations Administrator
John O’Connell Administrative Assistant
Deborah Giunta Administrative Coordinator

Lower Bay State Road

Myles Standish Hall
610 Beacon Street
p. 617-353-3834
Yvette Lancaster Assistant Director of Residence Life
for Lower Bay State Road
Becca Postma Residence Hall Director
Brianna Cristiani Administrative Coordinator
Danielsen Hall
512 Beacon Street
p. 617-353-4200
Corey Evans Area Director
Peter Coriolan  Administrative Coordinator
Kilachand Hall
91 Bay State Road
p. 617-353-3852
Seferine Baez   Area Director
Carol Lydon  Administrative Coordinator

Upper Bay State Road

575 Commonwealth Avenue
p. 617-358-3100
Paul Hughes Assistant Director of Residence Life
for Upper Bay State Road
OPEN  Area Director
Michael Tozeski Administrative Coordinator
The Towers
140 Bay State Road
p. 617-353-3872
Beza Begosew Area Director
Laura Damon Residence Hall Director
Anna Rice Administrative Coordinator

Warren Towers

700 Commonwealth Avenue
p. 617-353-3932
Réa Kyani-Rogers Assistant Director of Residence Life
for Warren Towers
JJ Bisceglia Residence Hall Director, Fairfield “A” Tower
Sarah Miceli Residence Hall Director, Marshall “B” Tower
Aliyah Phipps Residence Hall Director, Shields “C” Tower
OPEN Administrative Coordinator
Taylor Beamenderfer Administrative Coordinator

South Campus

518 Park Drive
p. 617-353-2102
Karen Chaney
 Assistant Director of Residence Life
for South Campus
Victoria Ellis Area Director
William Jones Area Director
Samira Akl Administrative Coordinator
Marta Miller Administrative Coordinator
Fenway Campus
37 Pilgrim Road
p. 617-353-1530
Madeleine Pouw Area Director
Max Cook Administrative Coordinator

Upper Commonwealth Avenue

33 Harry Agganis Way
p. 617-358-5800
Meg White  Assistant Director of Residence Life
for Upper Commonwealth Ave
Ben Champney Residence Hall Director
Meaghan Kelly Administrative Coordinator
10 Buick Street
p. 617-358-3000
Aysia Thomas Residence Hall Director
Lina Heraiki Administrative Coordinator
1019 Commonwealth Avenue
p. 617-353-8822
Jordanne Miller Residence Hall Director
Allie Diehl Administrative Coordinator

West Campus

Sleeper Hall
275 Babcock Street
p. 617-353-3902
Maggie Sawada Interim Associate Director of Residence Life
Harry Pershing Residence Hall Director
Michele Fitzgerald Administrative Coordinator
Claflin Hall
273 Babcock Street
p. 617-353-3892
Adrienne Kisner Residence Hall Director
Lucas Quintero
Administrative Coordinator
Rich Hall
277 Babcock Street
p. 617-353-3912
David Andrade Residence Hall Director
Gianna Ortiz Administrative Coordinator