Residential Experience

Living on campus not only shortens the commute to classes, but it also enhances the entire academic experience. Boston University is committed to student learning, both in and out of the classroom. Residence Life embraces this aspiration in its Mission Statement:

Residence Life promotes safety, inclusion, student learning, and civic engagement while developing students’ abilities to relate to, and function in, an interconnected world.

We meet these goals through two interconnected programs:

The Faculty-in-Residence Program (FIR): This program brings the classroom to our residential community, literally. Select professors live on campus in the residence halls, allowing for convenient open hours and programs designed specially for their community. The professors at Boston University are committed to their students, and this is no more evident in the fact that they live and work in the same residences as their students.

The Boston University Residential Experience (BURE): A major aspect of the college experience is the friendships and bonds you make with your fellow students. BURE events, programs, and opportunities for social interaction are designed to build the community spirit in our residence halls and enhance the university learning experience outside the classroom. All BURE programs are free for students living on campus. Whether you prefer a bustling social outing or quieter, more introspective interaction, there is something here for you.

Residence Life is excited to have you on campus, and to support you on your journey through your experience here at Boston University.