House Rules

Below please find a list of important house rules that residents of graduate housing are expected to respect. Please refer to


High load appliances such as air conditioners, electric or automatic washing machines, or other like equipment are not permitted in or about the premises. No exterior television antennas or satellite dishes are permitted.


Your visitors should refrain from producing disturbing noise or other nuisances in or about the interior or exterior of the building that will interfere with the rights, comforts, or convenience of other occupants of the building.

Doors (External & Vestibule)

For safety and security reasons, the external and vestibule doors of residences may not be propped open at any time.

Drugs/Illegal Use of Premises

The University, without exception, supports all state and federal laws regarding the use and possession of illegal drugs. Their use or possession and any other illegal activity, on the premises or in or about the building, is prohibited. Violators will be subject to University disciplinary action, as well as criminal prosecution under the law.

Fire Prevention

Space heaters, halogen lamps, candles, incense, hover boards, and any other open flame devices are prohibited in the building. Gas, electric, or charcoal grills are not permitted on balconies or near the building.


No garbage, trash, or other receptacles, vehicles, baby carriages, toys or other articles or obstructions should be placed in the hall or other common areas or passageways of the building or outside the building.


Violation of the law or the University’s policies concerning sexual misconduct or discrimination or any other repeated use of written, verbal, or electronic expression or physical act or gesture, or any combination thereof, directed at a person that places that person in reasonable fear for their physical safety or prevents them from conducting their customary or usual affairs, or substantially interferes with their educational experience, is prohibited.


The University cannot assume responsibility for personal property in the residences. Every resident is encouraged to obtain/carry adequate personal property insurance and health insurance, as the University’s insurance program is limited to coverage of University-owned property. Subject to the provisions of applicable law, the University shall not be liable directly and/or indirectly for personal injury, loss, or damage to personal property of a resident, his or her family, guarantor, legal guardian, relatives, friends, visitors, or guests caused by fire, theft, or any other cause whether such personal injury, loss, or damage occurs in a residence facility, or elsewhere, on or off the University campus. Ask the Residence Life staff or the Boston University Police Department for details.

Keys, Swipe Access Cards, & Locks

You may not add, change, alter, or replace any locks in the building.


Animals and pets of any kind (other than service animals and approved emotional support animals, which are approved by the University’s Office of Disability & Access Services) are prohibited to be on the premises or in the building.

Physical Violence, Threats, & Other Disruptions

Using violence or threatening violence to others, damaging or destroying property, stealing or looting, setting fires, throwing bottles or other projectiles, impeding or impairing emergency personnel services or equipment, obstructing traffic, refusing to leave when asked by an authorized person, or otherwise engaging in any action that might lead to intentionally or recklessly harming or endangering the physical safety or property of another, is prohibited.

Respecting the Privacy of Others

Video recording or photographing students in the residences without their permission is prohibited. In addition, unauthorized or inappropriate use of such photographs or video of other students is prohibited.

Roofs and Fire Escapes

Roofs and fire escapes are not to be used for any purpose other than for escape from fire or threat of fire. Students are also not permitted on ledges, balconies, or any other exterior means of egress.


Smoking is prohibited in the entire building, including any common areas. There is no smoking on balconies or within 25 feet of the building.


Solicitation, sale, or promotion of any good or services by any person or company is not allowed on the premises or in the building.

Sprinkler System

Please do not hang anything from the sprinkler heads. It may activate the sprinkler and cause severe water damage to your belongings.


Most residences do not have storage facilities. However, in those residences that have storage facilities, the University takes no responsibility for any items stored, lost, or stolen from the premises.

Throwing Objects

Throwing objects from windows or roofs and at University buildings is extremely dangerous and violates both University regulations and an ordinance of the City of Boston. Students throwing objects from windows or at University buildings will be subject to disciplinary action.

Water Beds

Water beds, water furniture, and the like are prohibited in the building.


Weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited in residences. Included in this category are studded wrist bands, nunchakus, all firearms, mace, pepper spray, replica weapons, paintball guns, blades, air rifles, and pellet guns. Also included is any object that normally would not be considered a weapon, but by alteration, modification, or redesign would be readily recognized or considered as such by any reasonable and prudent person. Students will face severe disciplinary consequences for violations of this policy. Firearms, fireworks, explosives, chemicals, and dangerous weapons are not permitted in University residences.

Windows, Window Screens, & Locks

Window screens and locks are provided on windows for protection, safety, and convenience. They are not to be removed. Window screens and locks may not be raised or moved.