MBA Core (34 Credits)

Students fulfill Questrom’s MBA core curriculum, which consists of 34 credits plus several non-credit courses. Part-time students complete a slightly different MBA core curriculum worth 32 credits.

Questrom Electives (6 Credits)

Students select 6 credits worth of coursework from the elective offerings at Questrom. Those completing the joint degree through the part-time MBA program do not take Questrom electives.

Free Electives (8 Credits)

Students take sufficient elective coursework—typically 8 credits—to bring their total credit count for the program up to at least 80 credits for full-time students and 72 for part-time MBA students. Any courses that can be used to fulfill either Pardee or Questrom elective coursework can be used as free electives.

Details on the IR portion of this joint degree program can be found here.