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  • by Greg Stoller
    In a world where economic duality meets a rising tide of sustainability, the no-buy challenge emerges as both a pragmatic solution and a symbolic statement. As the US economy teeters between highs and lows, and as the ethos of sustainability reshapes consumer choices, Greg Stoller, Master Lecturer of Strategy and Innovation dives into the concept […]
  • by Jetson Leder-Luis
    In the ongoing battle against healthcare fraud, understanding the effectiveness of anti-fraud efforts is paramount. This Q&A, featuring Questrom Assistant Professor of Markets, Public Policy, and Law, Jetson Leder-Luis, dives into the intricacies of combating healthcare fraud, with a focus on the significance of return on investment (ROI) and the challenges of measuring deterrence.
  • by Kim Donlan
    How do you interpret Equinox’s decision to introduce a luxury gym membership priced at $40,000 annually?  Equinox has moved beyond the luxury gym membership and jumped into the deep end of well-being – defined as mental awareness plus physical health – with the added benefit of structuring the actual time, resources, and commitment for holistic wellness into […]
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